Blogs I Follow

I am fortunate to be surrounded by smart, creative people, as well as exposed to brilliant writing. Here are some blogs that I particularly enjoy and enthusiastically recommend:

Dr. Sara Ahmed at Goldsmiths maintains this brilliant blog on the concept and practice of being a “feminist killjoy.” She is one of my favorite scholars and cultural critics, and her work is extremely inspiring: 

My friend Andy Black, Assistant Professor at Murray State University, writes on academia, movies, music, and literature here. He is also hilarious in the best ways:

Paul Cote‘s brilliant blog on film, film music, and other related subjects:

My friend and colleague, Liz DePriest, thinks through motherhood as a feminist critic:

Friend and poet Austin Duck writes great things on popular culture, literature, and other matters here:

Dr. Marilee Lindemann at the University of Maryland, College Park, writes brilliant and beautiful pieces on feminism, queerness, academia, intersections of the aforementioned, and more to boot:

Alana Massey writes for The New Inquiry, The Baffler, and other venues. She also blogs, and is generally smart, incisive, and absolutely freaking hilarious:

You might know already know Kirsten Schofield as The Hairpin’s Ask a Fancy Person. She’s a great writer, and she maintains a fabulous blog here:




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