About Me

Hi there, my name is Rachel Vorona Cote. I am an essayist and doctoral candidate in English Literature living in Washington D.C. with my husband and our drama-queen cat. I feel most at home when I’m working in the genres of creative non-fiction and personal narrative. My other endeavors include teaching, researching, and napping in just about any and all locations (I’ve found this to be a convenient skill). I’m very into Victorian literature, memoir, critical and cultural theory (particularly queer and affect theory), music, cheese (lots of it), wine and coffee and tea, farmers markets, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You can reach me at rachelvorona@gmail.com and follow me on Twitter here: @RVoronaCote. If you are a Facebooking kind of person, you can “like” the Positive and Promise page, which I have established as another forum for discussion. I am also begrudgingly on LinkedIn. Finally, if you like pictures of cats and coffee, you can check me on Instagram at rachvcote.

I am also available for freelance writing and editing assignments; please get in touch with me if you think that I can be of service to you!

And now, some pictures:


Me, such as I am


Me with my husband, Paul


Her Supreme Greatness, Miss Hobo Cote-Vorona



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