An Experiment with the Public Facebook Page

G’day friends,

As most of you know, I some time ago created a Facebook page, also entitled Positive and Promise, to correspond with this blog. At first it functioned primarily as a place for me to post updates whenever I had published a new piece, here or elsewhere. I also began to share the excellent work of other writers.

I’m continuing all of the above, but I want to expand the page’s purpose. I love Twitter’s gift economy ethos, and I would like to, in as many ways as I can, carry that over to the Positive and Promise Facebook page. I’m posting more frequently now, sharing writing and other cultural tidbits that are generally tied to feminist culture. My hope is that the page will become a space for conversation. I want to use it to brainstorm specific pieces that I need to draft, but, beyond that, I envision it as another safe space for us to talk amongst ourselves.

So, what might you see on the page? Well, here is a sampling:

– Personal essays by women and gender non-conforming persons
– Articles relevant to feminist and LGBTQ culture
– Fashion posts, especially if there is a feminist or intellectual twist
– Victoriana, because I worship at the alter of the 19th Century
– Music by fabulous female/gender non-conforming artists
– Pieces that focus on sex-positive and sex worker issues and culture (think
– Articles on mental health

But really, this barely begins to cover it, and if there is, say, an article, music video, or film that you want to think through, just holler, and I’ll post it (although I do of course reserve the right to curate the page and monitor the comments). I’m excited! Are you excited?

Here is the link to the page: I hope you’ll join us and tell your friends!



Dropping in with a Poem

Hi guys!

I’m still contemplating how to best utilize the blog space as a freelancer, so stayed tuned for updates on that. In the meantime, please accept a poetic offering from your resident eccentric.

The Inspiration: Lately the Democratic National Convention has been spamming Paul’s inbox with all manner of histrionic emails. Despite our bleeding hearts, we’ve both gotten a kick out of this and, last night, decided to write a poem entirely comprised of statements and phrases from these messages. Also, our apartment is bloody hot, and sanity is tenuous at the end of the day.

And so, without further ado, the fruits of our labor:

Now, I’m Emailing You Again

Dick Durbin emailed you.

Nancy Pelosi emailed you.

Now I’m emailing you again.

We keep emailing.

This is so contrived, and we can hardly believe it.

We need your help to fight back.

We’re nearly out of time.

To be blunt about it: 

If we fall behind now, 

We might as well throw in the towel.

We keep emailing.

I wanted to personally share the news

…this kid will be pretty darn happy.

But look, we’re not there yet.

We keep emailing.

Hey, just wanted to make sure you saw Senator Durbin’s email?

We keep emailing.

I come right out and say it: 

I’m a Democrat.

I don’t want to be one of those candidates


Hides their party.

We keep emailing.

If you care about health care reform, you need to be part of this.

Boehner’s gonna to be FURIOUS!

We keep emailing.

I wanted to personally share the news:

All hope is lost.


Hope all’s well in your worlds. Please keep in touch on Twitter and Facebook!

– Rach